107 S. Volusia Ave.
Pierson, FL 32180
Central Florida's upscale rooming house

The Town of Pierson

The town was first settled in 1876, by farmers named Pierson, however the town wasn't formally named until 10 year later. The conductor of the first train to stop in the town asked the first 5 people that he met their names. When they all replied "Pierson" he called the town Piersonville.

Many residents of the town can still trace their lineage back to the original settlers.


The Hotel Pierson

The hotel was built in 1920 by Charles Merriam, on what was then the newly paved Highway 17. When the new Hwy. 17 was built, this road was renamed County Road 3. Mrs. Merriam was formerly Lois Pierson and was assisted in running the Hotel by a Roxie Pierson. The hotel, at that time, offered "Room and Board for $12 - $15 per week".

Late the building was used as a private residence for many years, but is once again offering "Room and Board" at great prices.